What Are the Brand Activation Marketing Services Provided By PurpleGlo?

All the top brands are making use of brand activation marketing these days. The reason behind this is the success rate of such brand activation campaigns. One company that can help you with brand activation is PurpleGlo. PurpleGlo was started by a group of innovators and creators who wanted to design immersive experiences that your customers will truly enjoy.



Services offered by PurpleGlo

The team of PurpleGlo can help with projection mapping. This company has been helping their clients with photo experience also. It has been designing various interactive events and live demonstrations. These events are designed according to the needs and requirements of the client. This company has previously worked with different brands that belong to different industries. So, understanding the needs of the client is its utmost priority.

An experiential activations event can help customers feel connected with your brand. They will feel this connection if you go to such an event. PurpleGlo can help you with this. This company can also help in providing VR experiences to customers. Along with this, PurpleGlo has previously created various campaigns that include games and other art activities. Such events allow your target audience to disconnect from the virtual world and spend some time reflecting upon themselves. Such campaigns have been a huge success in the past. With interactive installations, you can easily grab the attention of your audience. 

Previous clients of PurpleGlo

PurpleGlo has worked with some of the greatest brands that have been popular in their respective industries for a long time. One of the most popular brands that have been in the industry for so many years is Coca-Cola. This company has successfully progressed with brand activation. Along with this, it has also worked with Amazon for a campaign. Amazon is a household name for online shopping today.

PurpleGlo has worked with the energy drink brand, Red Bull and has successfully helped it too. It has also assisted Facebook and popular brands like Unilever that have various products in the market. This company has also worked with Qatar Airways and Dubai airport. This indicates that PurpleGlo can efficiently design campaigns for diverse industries. PurpleGlo also has Johnson & Johnson, Canon, The North Face, and Etihad on their client list. So, if you are searching for an event technology company, you can check out the website of PurpleGlo.

To get help with brand marketing campaigns from PurpleGlo, visit: https://www.purpleglo.co/


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